Muridale Shorthorns Heading

In 1910, Andrew Muri homesteaded in the Hallonquist area.  The establishment of the Muridale Shorthorn herd started in 1927, when Andrew and his son Sidney, bought their first purebred Shorthorns.  The Muridale prefix continues today and is operated by Ivan Muri (son of Sidney) and his wife Mary along with their two sons.   Russell and his family Wendy, Kathryn and Owen farm west of the home place.  Scot, Joni, Casey and Tanner are living on the same site as the original homestead.  The fifth generation already plays an active part in the Muridale operation.

At present we pasture and breed 130 purebred Shorthorn females that are asterix free.  Our cattle are raised in a semi-arid prairie environment and spend most of the winter foraging for feed with no grain supplement.   Our herd selection has been based on this type of management.  We select cattle that have the capacity to convert roughage into beef.  Low maintenance, easy fleshing, good uddered, light birth weight and fertile cattle are what the beef industry is demanding.  For over 80 years, we have been striving to meet the industries demands.